What is Blues music all about?


The Blues is all about overcoming hardships, hard luck, about saying what you want to express, and most especially it is all about having fun.


Where did the Blues originate?


It was started by African Americans in the United States with roots from African musical traditions, and folk music of white Americans that are of European heritage.


Why is Blues music associated with sadness?


When we hear the word “blues”, we often associate with misfortune , regret and betrayal.  The term “blues” was said to have originated from “blue devils” which means sadness and melancholy.

However, the blues music is also all about overcoming misfortune and frustrations.


What is the difference between Blues and Jazz?


The Blues music is centered on a single guitar while jazz music focuses on the improvisations and dynamics of an ensemble. The Blues contains lyrics while jazz music are usually instrumental.


Who is the most popular Blues artist of all time?


Muddy Waters come first and B. B. King is second on the list.


Who are the pioneers of Blues music?


Well known pioneers are from the 1920s namely, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton.